Have fun with ORA

Test. Drive. Enjoy!

ORA is a simple electric car with loads of smart features, just like with anything new you can sometimes need a little help. Therefore, we have made a list of some tips that may be needed at the beginning when you get to know ORA. The first tip is: don't be afraid to try your hand at the on-screen menus.

Click. Check. Test!

ORA starts when the key is in the car and you hold down the brake. When you want to turn off the car, you set the parking brake, take the key with you, get out and lock the car.

Is the car hot? Use the second "lever" from the left and you will go directly to the AC on the screen where you can easily set the temperature and fans.

Pair your phone with ORA so you can talk while driving. Go to the "phone" icon and add yourself as a user. Soon, Apple Carplay will be available to use for all ORA drivers. 

On the left side of the steering wheel are several menu options. Up and down arrows control the sound in the speakers, right and left scroll through radio channels. Then there is a button on the far right (still on the left side), closest to the steering wheel. Press it once and say "Hey ORA" and speak English and the smart car can do what you ask it to do.

Do you want to listen to music? Use "HEY ORA" and say "play radio", or click the radio icon. If you have connected your phone via bluetooth, you can also drive from there. That said, Apple Carplay will be available shortly.

If you drive on major roads, this is the world's best aid that keeps you within the lines, but on slightly smaller country roads where there is no center line, there is the option to turn off lane assist if you wish.

The functions are easily enabled or disabled under【Vehicle Settings】→【Intelligent Driving】→【Lane Assist】on the screen.

ORA is alert and fast. Blinkers work like in all other cars, of course, but if you feel that it hangs, remember that you must move the lever in the same direction as the arrow shows to restore the activity.


Hope you and ORA had a fun trip together. ORA Sweden is very happy about this summer's collaboration together with Ystad Saltsjöbad, MJ's, Falkenberg Strandbad and Ellery Beach Club.